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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga As A Healing Modality

200 Hour Teacher Training

With 25-Hour Trauma-Informed Certification

Module 1
September 14-16, 2024

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This course integrates traditional yoga āsana, prāṇāyāma, and bhāvana with a holistic healing approach that addresses the whole person, including aspects of body, mind, emotions, behaviors, breath, and spirit, in an interconnected way. This course will train you as a yoga instructor to work with prāṇa in the body to support health, help promote healing and facilitate personal and spiritual transformation for your students, as well as yourself. You will be trained in Trauma-Informed teaching techniques and learn to cultivate an awareness of how the mind and body are interconnected and how to apply it both in your own personal practice and as a teacher.

Lotus Flower

This is not your standard
run-of-the-mill teacher training!

This program was designed for serious practitioners who want a strong foundation as both a yoga teacher and as a practitioner.

This 200-hour teacher training will integrate various methodologies of yoga based on the teachings from the Krishnamacharya lineage, including aspects of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga (Pattabhi Jois), and Viniyoga (TVK Deśikāchār).

In addition to a 200-hour YTT training curriculum, this program also incorporates an additional 25-Hour Trauma Informed Yoga Training and Certification for a total of 225 hours of training.

Why Choose Our Program?

These days, Yoga Teacher Trainings are a dime-a-dozen. Thanks to Covid, many schools were permitted to offer low-quaility teacher trainings online to mass quantities that seem attractive because of their low cost. Unfortunately, the quality of yoga teachers found in studios these days reflect this mass-production mentality. Many students graduate from their 200-hour training only to discover how much they don't know, how unconfident they are working with students, and have a (legitimate) fear of injuring their students.

At The Mind-Body Connection, we truly believe that teaching yoga is a privilege that needs to be earned, not a right just because you paid a fee and showed up. We don't hire teachers that were "mass produced," nor will we pass students that have not made an authentic journey to becoming a yoga teacher. We hold our instructors to the highest standards, and the quality of our teachers, programs, and offerings reflect that, and we want the graduates of our programs to reflect that as well. Don't worry, we will guide and support you every step of the way.


Our teachings are authentic and are an embodiment of the ancient traditions passed down from our lineage, as well as the personal experiential understandings of the teachings by teachers who authentically embody the practice both on the mat and in their daily lives.


We want to make sure that when you graduate, you are truly qualified to begin your journey of teaching yoga. We want to give you a strong foundation and an even stronger experiential experience of what yoga truly is.  In addition to supporting you while you are in our program, we also offer continuing education programs and personal mentorship after graduation to further support you during your teaching journey.


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On-Demand Content

We record all classes, lectures, and modules, and you will be given on-demand access to all course materials so that you can review and study at your convenience.


Your Training includes:

Access To Our Studio Classes

You will be given unlimited access to our studio classes so that you can deepen your own practice and learn from our instructors. You will also get in-studio teacher training during these classes.

One-On-One Mentorship

Personal Mentorship is a requirement as part of our certification. We will connect you with one of our instructors, and you will be required to have at least 5 hours of one-on-one time with your personal mentor.

Curriculum Overview

Module 1
Defining Yoga

Adult Students

September 14-16, 2024

In this module we will:

  • Define yoga through the ancient texts.

  • Begin our study of yoga philosophy starting with the Yoga Sūtras. 

  • Discuss how yoga applies to different stages of life and define ciktsā, rakṣaṇa, and śikṣaṇa.

  • Discuss the role of the teacher and the student.

  • Study the ethics of yoga and relate them to the yamas and the niyamas in the Yoga Sutrās.

  • Begin our studies of the function and form of āsanas.

Module 3
Prāna and the Pañcamaya

Yoga Stretch

January, 2024

(Date TBD)

In this module we will:

  • Begin our studies of the Pañca maya.

  • Study the anatomy and physiology of the human system from the yoga model.

  • Introduce some Western anatomy.

  • Study prāna in our own bodies and learn how to work with it in our students.

  • Introduce the therapeutic aspects of yoga.

Module 5
Prānāyāma and Intro To Chanting And Ayurveda


May 2024

(Date TBD)

In this module we will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of breathing techniques.

  • Learn about different prāṇāyāma techniques.

  • Learn how to teach prāṇāyāma.

  • Study the methods of prāṇāyāma discussed in the Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā.

  • Introduce reading and chanting in sanskrit.

  • Explore how prāṇāyāma and chanting works with the energy in our system.

  • Introduce principles of Āyurveda and how it relates to yoga

Module 2
The Study of Prāna


November 1-3, 2024

In this module we will:

  • Discuss prāna and the prānāvayu.

  • Learn how to work with prāna through āsana.

  • Begin our study of the Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā and learn how Haṭha Yoga intentionally works to move prāna in the body.

  • Study the effects āsanas, mudras, and bandhas have on prāna.

  • Learn the fundamentals of the Ashtānga Primary Series.

  • Study the different classifications of āsanas.


Module 4
Course Planning Fundamentals

Yoga Practice

March, 2024

(Date TBD)

In this module  we will:

  • Study āsana and vinyāsa krama.

  • Learn strength and flexibility principles.

  • Learn how to course plan.

  • Learn how to cue āsanas.

  • Learn about bandhas, dristi, and proper breathing techique.

  • Learn how to work with props and the difference between adjustments and modifications and variations.

Module 6
25-Hour Certification

Child's Pose

July, 2024

(Date TBD)

In this module we will:

  • Define trauma, different types of trauma, and the effects of trauma.

  • Learn how the body deals with trauma.

  • Learn how yoga works with trauma in the body.

  • Teach tools for working with trauma survivors.

  • Learn triggers and what to avoid when working with trauma survivors.

***This module is from 8am-6pm Friday-Sunday to meet the 25 hour requirement to receive the Trauma-Informed Certification***

Dates and times of modules are subject to change.

Course Overview

Modules 1-6


Occur every 4-6 weeks

There are 6 in-person modules, 14 hours each, totaling 84 hours. Modules occur approximately every 4-6 weeks.  If you are unable to attend a module, you may take it the next time it begins again. Once you begin a module, it must be completed in the allotted time frame. Please note that the Trauma-Informed Training Module has extended hours of 8am-6pm Friday through Sunday.

Modules 1-5

Friday Night from 5pm-7pm PST

Saturday from 8am-4pm PST

Sunday from 8am-2pm PST

Wednesday Evening Classes

6:30-7:30 pm PT

Wednesday Evening Classes are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm PT.

These classes are designed to deepen your understanding of the materials learned in module and to give you an opportunity to review and digest the content.

These classes are online via Zoom.

Studio Classes

schedule online

You will be given access to our studio group classes to maintain and deepen your own practice and learn how to teach in a studio setting from our teachers.

Mentor Hours

by appointment

Our students are required to do a minimum of 5 one-on-one hours with a personal mentor. These hours are scheduled at your convenience with your mentor. If you don't already have a mentor associated with The Mind-Body Connection, we will connect you with one.


You will have a brief written examination after the completion of each module and a final exam after the course. To obtain certification, all exams must be passed with an 85% or higher score.

At the completion of the program, you will be given a teaching competency exam that must be passed to obtain certification.

On-Demand Content

Our classes and modules will be recorded, and you will be given on-demand access to all content and course materials so that you can study and review at your convenience.

Program Investment

Your Faculity


We are fully accredited by Yoga Alliance as a

Registered Yoga School


Our Instructors are Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers

200-Hour Teacher Training Program Costs

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Still Have Questions? Let’s Talk!

This is a big commitment. It’s natural to have questions and concerns as you consider if our 225-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is the right fit for you.

The best way to get your questions answered is to schedule a call with our Admissions Staff.

Our Admissions Staff is committed to working with you to make the right next steps for your yoga journey.


We are happy to talk with you about your situation and provide the answers and information you need.

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