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Ashtanga Led Class


90 Minutes

Skill Level:


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About the Course

This 90 minute class is the traditional Ashtānga Primary Series from the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

The primary series is called Yoga Chyikitsa, which means yoga therapy, because of the cleansing and toning effect is has on both the body and mind. The primary series is a set of poses specifically designed to generate heat in the body to clear energy blockages to allow prana (energy) to flow more freely and effectively throughout your body.

You will be guided through the Primary Series in the traditionally taught manner. Sandskrit counting and posture names are used to guide you to synchronize your breath and movement as you are led through each asana (posture) and vinyāsa (movement).

Your instructor will provide you with guidance and hands on adjustments to help you get deeper into each pose and to help you to work with and move your prana (energy) more effectively.

This is a fast paced class and is not for beginners. An established yoga practiced is recommended before taking this class.

This is a general membership class.

Your Instructor

Christina Leach

Christina Leach

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