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Intermediate/Advanced Flow

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

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Welcome to our Intermediate/Advanced Flow Class, where seasoned practitioners can come to deepen their practice and explore new dimensions of yoga. This class is designed for those who already have a foundation and are eager to delve further into their practice. Expect to move with intention as we explore advanced āsanas, intricate transitions, and refined breathing techniques. Led by experienced instructors who provide personalized guidance and adjustments, each session offers an opportunity to expand awareness. It's a space where you can challenge yourself, explore your edge, and tap into the transformative power of yoga in a supportive and inspiring environment. Whether you're seeking to unlock new levels of strength and flexibility or deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy, our Intermediate/Advanced Flow Yoga class is designed to take your practice to the next level. Join us and journey deeper into the heart of yoga.

Contact Details

  • 952 North Central Avenue

    The Mind-Body Connection, North Central Avenue, Upland, CA, USA


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