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Yoga to Alleviate Depression

  • 1 hour

Join Us For This Special Event

The gift that yoga brings to someone who’s depressed is not just physical. Yoga soothes the mind and the spirit as well. Join us as we work with the following categories of poses: Back bending chest openers - lift your chest and elevate your emotions, leading your mind to a clearer state. Create space for your breath to move freely, resulting in lighter feelings. Release blockages in and around your heart. Experience invigorating feelings of hope as you open your chest. Seated forward extensions - Quiet your nervous system if you experience feelings of anxiousness, fear and/or nervousness. Inversions - allow oxygenated blood to circulate more freely which will soothe and energize the glands in and around your head and throat. Balance your endocrine system and even out your emotions. Being upside down = Unstuck! Standing poses - elevate your mood - feel strong and capable “standing on your own two feet”. Standing poses are grounding and confidence builders. They energize and offer an opportunity to focus your energy. We will also work with the breath in physical poses and during prāṇayama (regulation of the breath). Breath is the link that brings your body, mind and spirit together. Experience a lift of your spirits with deep, healing inhalations. Long, slow exhalations will soothe your nerves. While this class is open to all, it is geared for those who experience depression, whether that be chronic depression, anxiety-driven depression, hormone-based depression (resulting from your period or perimenopause), grief, or simply a bout of the blues. No yoga experience is necessary, and all levels of practitioner is welcomed.

Contact Details

  • 952 North Central Avenue

    The Mind-Body Connection, North Central Avenue, Upland, CA, USA


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