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Which Class Is Right For You?

We understand that everyone comes to yoga for different reasons. So which classes are right for YOU?

Are You New To Yoga?

Welcome to the enriching world of yoga! We're delighted to have you embark on this transformative journey with us. Yoga is not just a physical practice; it's a holistic approach to well-being that harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit. As a newcomer, you'll discover the therapeutic benefits of yoga which extend beyond the mat.

We recommend you start with these classes:

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga

A gentle & nurturing practice with slow, mindful movements, intentional breathwork & deep relaxation will leave you feeling calm, refreshed & peaceful.

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga

A gentle class of dynamic & static postures designed to identify & alleviate painful areas in the body while also working to calm & relax your nervous system.

Vinyasa Class

Vinyasa for Everybody

An energizing & dynamic flow of postures that are accessible to every body. This class will leave you feeling rejuvenated while also calm and relaxed.


Yoga for a Healthy Back

A mix of therapeutic & gentle yoga postures, movements & breathwork that specifically targets the spine and surrounding tissues to alleviate pain, repair & strengthen.

Are You Looking To Advance Your Practice?

We have advanced classes for serious practitioners and classes for those who want to take their practice to the next level! Deep dive into the subtleties of each āsana, learn inversions and arm balances, find deeper stretches, deepen your meditative practice, try chanting, and learn from some of the best teachers in the area.

Try Ashtanga with Kevala or a workshop with David Miliotis.


We also offer a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and personal mentorship.

We have several classes that will give you a good workout, improve strength, balance and flexibility, and change the way you approach exercise.


Our most physically intensive class is Ashatanga, and trust us, if you come consistently you will see results quickly with this class!


Yoga Trapeze is a fun way to build strength and have access to poses that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Yoga For Everybody is a fun dynamic flow that will get you sweating, while still being accessible for every-body.

Do You

Do You Want To Feel Better
In Daily Life?

All our clients are raving about how they physically feel better, are more calm, relaxed and peaceful after class and how it carries into their daily lives. They also say that they sleep better too on the days they practice!

We recommend these classes:

Therapeutic Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Yoga for a Healthy Back

Yoga to Alleviate Depression

Ashtanga Yoga

Empowering Heated Flow

Meditation and Satsung

Do You Have Physical Pain or Discomfort?

Whether it is acute, chronic, mild, or severe, physical pain and discomfort is no joke. It is our body's way of telling us that something is wrong and we need to make a change. Yoga can change our relationship with our bodies, the way we move, the structure of our muscles, tissues, bones and joints, and even lifestyle changes that result in alleviation or even complete elimination of physical pain and discomfort.

We recommend you try these group classes:

Therapeutic yoga

Gentle Yoga

Yoga for a Healthy Back

Or try a Private Yoga Therapy Session

Do You Suffer From Stress, Anxiety, Depression or Trauma?

Whether we are aware of it or not, all of us have experienced all of these things at some point in our lives, and even if our minds don't remember our body does! Science has proven that the emotions we experience including stress, anxiety, fear, etc. get stored in the tissues in our bodies. Yoga works to process and release these emotions so we no longer have to carry these burdens around with us.


All of our teachers have undergone Trauma-Informed training so don't worry, every class is appropriate for you, and we recommend you try the following classes:

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga To Alleviate Depression

Gentle Yoga

or a Private Yoga Therapy Session


Are You In Recovery?

Yoga for 12 Step Recovery is a 12-step group share meeting followed by a gentle yoga practice. Anyone affected by any type of addiction is welcome to join. This class runs by donations and is free to register for.

We also recommend Yoga for Depression, Therapeutic Yoga and Gentle Yoga classes.

y12sr-logo copy.png

Are You Expecting?

Yes, we have prenatal yoga! We have Yoga Alliance Certified/Registered Prenatal Instructors who have undergone special training to ensure the safety of you and your baby. You can take our prenatal class or join any group class taught by our prenatal instructors.

Do You Have Children?

Starting a yoga practice at an early age helps children learn to navigate emotions, manage and reduce stress, foster a strong sense of self, develop a healthy body image, develop motor skills, and learn non-judgement, self compassion, self-respect, and how to foster relationships.

Our children's yoga class is fun, playful, and engaging and is designed to be a learning experience.

Older children that are able to maintain focus and impulse control are also welcome to join in any adult class with parental supervision.

Active Senior Couple

Are You A Senior?

As we age our yoga practice should ideally begin to include more meditation and less physical exertion. Yoga can help prevent falls, improve movement and overall mental and physical health as we age.

We recommend these classes:

Yoga For Seniors

Yoga for A Healthy Back

Therapeutic Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Meditation and Satsang

Do You Want To Try Something New?


We offer both Aerial yoga on the stretchy hammocks as well as the Yoga Trapeze® and these classes are appropriate for absolute beginners as well as advanced practitioners! We guarantee that this is not like any other yoga class you have ever tried! Come see for yourself and take your practice to new heights!

Stone Balancing

Are You Looking For A Spiritual Practice?

We understand that everyone's spiritual practice is different, as it is a personal journey within our self. We are an all-inclusive studio, so no matter your religious or spiritual affiliation we are here to welcome you and to help you find a spiritual practice that works for you! All of our classes are designed to help you turn inwards and connect with the truest part of yourself.

In addition to yoga classes, we offer personal spiritual mentorship by our spiritual teacher Kevala, Meditaion and Satsang, and various workshops and teacher trainings that delve into the philosophy and spirituality of yoga.

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