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Beyond The Mat

Intro to Yoga Philosophy for Daily Living

Are you feeling stagnant in your yoga practice or in life? Are you yearning for a deeper understanding of your practice and its relevance beyond the mat? Would you like to unlock the transformative potential of yoga philosophy in your daily life?

It's no secret that many practitioners focus solely on the physical aspect of yoga, overlooking the profound wisdom of yoga philosophy.


Yet, delving into the rich teachings of yoga philosophy can have a profound effect on how we navigate the complexities of everyday life.


By incorporating these timeless principles into our practice, we gain invaluable insights into ourselves and the world around us, leading to greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.

This workshop will explore the practical applications of yoga philosophy in your āsana practice and delve into how these principles can inform and enrich every aspect of your life.


Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this workshop offers a supportive environment to deepen your understanding of yoga and harness its power to create positive change in your life.


Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and liberation through the transformative wisdom of yoga.


Date: Wednesday, June 5

Time: 6-8pm

Duration: 2 Hours

Instructor: Kevala

Cost: $45

Location: Online via Zoom


Expect To Explore

  • The principles of yoga as defined in the Yoga Sūtras

  • How yoga philosophy applies to every day life

  • How our āsana practice can have profound impact on our lives

  • Hints for modifying techniques for your personal practice on your mat and in life!

Your Instructor

Founder of The Mind-Body Connection, Kevala has embarked on extensive studies of Yoga, Sanskrit, Eastern philosophy, and religion. Her own deep spiritual experiences ignited a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation, inspiring her to share the wisdom she has gained with others. Kevala's dedication to bridging the gap between mind and body has led her to develop unique approaches to holistic wellness, blending ancient teachings with modern understanding. With a compassionate heart and a wealth of knowledge, Kevala guides her students on a path of self-exploration, empowerment, and vibrant well-being. Through her teachings, workshops, and retreats, she aims to inspire individuals to cultivate balance, harmony, and inner peace in their lives. Join Kevala on a journey of awakening to the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and discover the transformative power of yoga.

Upon completion you will be eligible to register 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance (YA)- Live attendance only.

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