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Meet Our Teachers

All of our teachers are Yoga Alliance Certified, have had a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience, and have had Trauma-Informed training to ensure that even our most basic class offers you the greatest opportunity to experience the healing benefits of yoga.

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Christina Leach


Reiki Master Healer,

Yoga Therapist In Training


Christina's yoga foundation and training comes directly from the Krishnamacharya lineage. She has been fortunate to have been privately trained and mentored in the Ashtānga tradition by David Miliotis, who is an authorized teacher of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois; and in the Viniyoga tradition and Yoga Philosophy by Chase Bossart, student of TKV Deśikachar. Christina is also currently studying Yoga Therapy through the Yoga Well Institute under the personal mentorship of Mr. Bossart.

Christina found yoga and meditation after suffering for years from trauma and complex PTSD. After conventional psychotherapy failed to help, Christina turned to yoga and meditation for healing. She found that learning to link breath and movement allowed her quiet her thoughts, and to work out the trauma stored in her mind and body. She found relief from her suffering, not only on the mat, but also in daily life. Yoga has brought her a sense of peace that she never thought was possible. Yoga is not just a practice for her, it is a state of being. Now she has dedicated her life to sharing the healing ability of yoga with others, and is the founder/owner of The Mind-Body Connection LLC. It is her mission to make yoga accessible to everyone and to change the perspective of yoga in the US from a fitness regime to a therapeutic experience.


Christina is a dedicated student of Yoga, Meditation, Prāṇāyāma, Chanting, and Yoga Philosophy. She is a Level 3 Master Reiki Healer and is a Yoga Therapist In-Training. She specializes in yoga for Trauma Recovery.


Personal daily practice includes the Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate Series.

In Sandskrit the name for the primary series is Yoga Cikitsā, which means Yoga Therapy and the intermediate series is called Nadi Shodhana which means Nerve Cleansing.

"I don't practice yoga,

Yoga practices me."

                        ~Christina Leach


Yoga Alliance


Yoga Teacher



Children's Yoga Instructor



Prenatal & Postnatal

Yoga Intructor


Certified Y12SR


The Mind-Body Connection

It is our mission to make yoga a Therapeutic Experience that is available to everyone.

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