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Yoga For Kids

Fun for All Ages, Children's Yoga and Aerial Yoga

classes help build confidence, reduce anxiety, and equip kids with valuable tools for navigating life's challenges.

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Don't Miss Out On The Fun!

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🌟 What to Expect:

  • We will begin the session with yoga classes tailored specifically for kids, featuring playful poses, creative movement, and mindfulness practices.

  • The kids will engage in activities and games that promote teamwork, creativity, and self-expression.

  • We will practice mindfulness exercises to help kids cultivate focus, resilience, and emotional well-being.

  • We will learn how to teach each other fun yoga poses and explain why yoga and mindfullness are important.

  • Fun arts and crafts projects inspired by yoga and nature.

  • Snack time (snacks provided or bring your own)

  • We will conclude each day with fun time on the Yoga Trapeze, learining to hang like Spider-man and fly like Superman!

  • Friday will be Family Day, where the kiddos can share everything that they have learned with their families, and they will each get to teach fun yoga poses!

  • Yoga mats will be provided

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JUNE 24-28
(1 Registration Per Child)

Thanks for registering! You will be receiving a confirmation email shortly with details about the week.

All Ages Are Welcome

We warmly welcome children to join our adult yoga and yoga trapeze classes, provided they are accompanied by a parent and are able to participate respectfully throughout the session.


For younger children, we offer specialized classes tailored to their developmental needs, ensuring a fun and engaging experience.


Additionally, we have "Mommy and Me" classes designed to foster bonding and shared enjoyment between parents and their little ones.


Our diverse offerings ensure that yoga can be a rewarding activity for the whole family.

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Book a Private Group Class for you and your friends. Soar high together for the ultimate summer fun!


What can you expect?

~ Swinging, flipping, and hanging in our safe and exciting yoga trapeze

~ Building strength and flexibility while having a blast

~ Guided by experienced instructors who make safety a priority

~ Perfect for kids of all ages looking to try something new this summer


Registered Children's Yoga Instructors

Our Instructors are Registered Children's Yoga Teachers, meaning that they have undergone specialized training in Yoga for all developmental ages. They are skilled in creating engaging, safe, and age-appropriate classes that cater to the unique needs and abilities of children. With a deep understanding of child development, our instructors ensure that each session is not only fun and interactive but also fosters physical, mental, and emotional growth. Whether your child is new to yoga or has some experience, our expert instructors are equipped to guide them through a journey of discovery, balance, and joy.

Children's Yoga Classes
Are Fun For All Ages!

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