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100 Hour Teacher Training

Advance Your Yoga Practice

An Introduction to Yoga Teacher Training

Have you been considering taking a yoga teacher training, but are not sure if you have the time or finances to proceed?

Or maybe you are interested in deepening your understanding of yoga and your practice but have no interest in teaching yoga?

If so,

This program is for you!


What is a 100-hour Training?

This program was designed for anyone wanting to deepen their yoga practice and understanding of yoga and yoga philosophy but aren't quite ready to take a 200-hour teacher training. 

You will have access to the first 3 modules and bi-weekly philosophy classes of our yoga teacher training program that focus on the experiential and philosophy part of our Yoga Teacher Training.


And the great part is, this program can be used at a later time as a credit towards our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification program!


That's right, if you later you that decide you want complete the certification, you can use the hours you already completed in this program as a credit towards our 200-Hour certification program.*

Module 1
September 14-16, 2024

Spaces are limited! Register now to reserve yours!

Pay-in-full and save $250!

What You Get

This is an Experiential program.

You will discover first hand deeper depths of yoga and your yoga practice. We will deep dive into yoga philosophy, in a way that makes it applicable to not just to your daily practice but also to your daily Life!
This will be a journey within yourself to discover your potential and new ways of perceiving and experiencing life and yoga. 

Additionally, you will receive:

On-Demand Content

We record all classes, lectures, and modules, and you will be given on-demand access to all course materials so that you can review and study at your convenience.


Your Training includes:

Access To Our Studio Classes

You will be given unlimited access to our studio classes for 3 months so that you can deepen your own practice and learn from our instructors.

One-On-One Mentorship

We offer personal mentorship as part of our yoga teacher training. This is not a requirement for the 100-hour program , but if you are interested we will connect you with one of our personal mentors.

Curriculum Overview

Module 1

In this module we will:

  • Define yoga through the ancient texts.

  • Begin our study of yoga philosophy starting with the Yoga Sūtras. 

  • Discuss how yoga applies to different stages of life and define ciktsā, rakṣaṇa, and śikṣaṇa.

  • Discuss the role of the teacher and the student.

  • Study the ethics of yoga and relate them to the yamas and the niyamas in the Yoga Sutrās.

  • Begin our studies of the function and form of āsanas.

Module 2

In this module we will:

  • Discuss prāna and the prānāvayu.

  • Learn how to work with prāna through āsana.

  • Begin our study of the Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā and learn how Haṭha Yoga intentionally works to move prāna in the body.

  • Study the effects āsanas, mudras, and bandhas have on prāna.

  • Learn the fundamentals of practices and the different classifications of āsanas.

Module 3

In this module we will:

  • Begin our studies of the Pañcamaya.

  • Study the anatomy and physiology of the human system from the yoga model.

  • Introduce some Western anatomy.

  • Study prāna in our own bodies and learn how to work with it in our students.

  • Introduce the therapeutic aspects of yoga.

Course Overview

Modules 1-3


Occur every 4-6 weeks

There are 3 in-person modules that occur weekends from Friday through Sunday. Modules occur approximately every 4-6 weeks. 

Friday Night from 5pm-7pm PST

Saturday from 8am-4pm PST

Sunday from 8am-2pm PST

Wednesday Evening Classes

6:30-7:30 pm PT

Wednesday Evening Classes are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm PT. You will have access to these classes for the first 3 months of our training program

These classes are designed to deepen your understanding of the materials learned in module and to give you an opportunity to review and digest the content.

These classes are online via Zoom.

Studio Classes

schedule online

You will be given 3 months of unlimited access to our studio group classes to maintain and deepen your own practice and learn from our teachers.

Mentor Hours

by appointment

If you choose to, you have the option to have personal mentorship with one of our instructors (for an additional cost). This is not a required part of the training.


Exams after each module will be optional for this program, but if you want to continue into our 200 hour program passing the exams will be required for entry into the program.

On-Demand Content

Our classes and modules will be recorded, and you will be given on-demand access to all content and course materials so that you can study and review at your convenience.

Your Faculity


We are fully accredited by Yoga Alliance as a

Registered Yoga School


Our Instructors are Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers

Hurry, and register now because we're only saving a few spots in our Teacher Training for this program!

Deposit of
required to
reserve your spot




Only 3

Pay In Full $999 Today and
 Save $250

If choosing the payment plan, the first payment is due 1 week before module 1 begins,

then payments 2 and 3 will be due the following 2 months.

Ready To Get Started?

Just submit a deposit today to reserve your spot and we will contact you to complete registration.

Still Have Questions? Let’s Talk!

This is a big commitment. It’s natural to have questions and concerns as you consider if our 100-Hour Advance Your Yoga Practice Program is the right fit for you.

The best way to get your questions answered is to schedule a call with our Admissions Staff.

Our Admissions Staff is committed to working with you to make the right next steps for your yoga journey.


We are happy to talk with you about your situation and provide the answers and information you need.

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