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About Us

We are a specialty yoga studio that offers yoga for therapeutic purposes, as well as for

personal, emotional, and spiritual growth.

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Do you suffer from aches and pains or feel tired from a long day of work and feel anxious about what
the next day will bring?

Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle, one centered around mindfulness and well-being?

Do you want to deepen your spiritual practice?

The Mind-Body Connection offers you a way to start your journey to healthier and more fulfilled living.

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What We Aim to Do:

Whether you want to start on your own personal journey with yoga or have already been practicing, we would like to help you further your experience with yoga. We believe that yoga helps to develop self-awareness, mindfulness, and overall well-being. The Mind-Body Connection will help you in your journey.

How We Do This:

We offer a wide variety of yoga classes and continue to add to the growing list of classes that we offer. Whether you have a physical or mental ailment or just want to grow your practice in yoga, we offer classes that suit your every need including therapeutic yoga and even children’s yoga.

Women meditating
Women meditating

What Makes Us Different:

At The Mind-Body Connection, we offer several specialized classes including Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for 12-Step Recovery, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Yoga Therapy. Our instructors are specifically trained in these fields to suit your every need whether it be one-on-one or in a group setting. We are there every step of the way to guide you through your journey to fulfillment and recovery. We also offer a variety of unspecialized classes and workshops to help further your understanding of yoga. Our classes suit anyone from beginners to advanced.

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What Is Therapeutic Yoga:

We offer yoga practices in many ways to cater to your needs. Therapeutic Yoga uses a completely different model to understand how the human system functions and promotes healing on all levels. Whether you are dealing with physical, psychological, or emotional issues, Yoga Therapy is a holistic tool that can help you manage and work through your afflictions. While it is not a replacement for Western
Medicine, it can be a powerful adjunct to any treatment that you are receiving. We are happy to be one of the very few yoga studios to offer this service.

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What Our Instructors Offer:

At The Mind-Body Connection, all our teachers are Yoga Alliance Certified, have had a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience, and have had Trauma-Informed training to ensure that even our most basic class offers you the greatest opportunity to experience the healing benefits of yoga. Several are also Certified in Prenatal and Children's Yoga, to ensure that you get the most knowledgeable instruction, no matter your stage of life.

Meet Our Instructors

Our Philosophy

At The Mind-Body Connection we strive to make sure yoga is accessible to EVERYONE and to ensure that everyone feels comfortable integrating their yoga practice into their lives.

We believe that yoga is more than just physical exercise. Yoga is a tool that can connect us with the truest part of ourselves: the part that is unscathed by our experiences in life. Health, healing, and happiness are possible, and we know from personal experience that yoga is a path that can take us there.

We Are A Registered Yoga School

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