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For Practitioners

We want to work with you to help your clients!

Yoga can be a powerful adjunct to the therapeutic services you are already offering your clients. We have a variety of programs to suite your client's needs, or we can create a custom program for you and your clients.

To better serve your clients,

we accept health insurance!

For Therapists

Yoga is an extremely helpful adjunct to clinical psychotherapy. We offer both Yoga Therapy, which is an individualized practice, as well as Trauma-Informed Yoga group classes. We will work with you to determine the best practice to help your clients work out old memories and emotions that are stored in the physical body, process unhealed trauma, learn how to regulate themselves through breathing practices, and gain clarity regarding how their thoughts and emotions are translated and processed by the body.

For Elderly Care

We understand how aging can affect your clients and their quality of life. We offer Senior Yoga, Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga, as well as, a variety of other classes that can engage your seniors, help improve mental function, improve memory and morale, improve mobility, decrease the risk of injury, and so much more! You can never be to old to begin a healing yoga practice!

For Rehabs

Did you know that the 12-Step programs of AA, NA, CoDA, etc. were actually developed based on the Yoga Sūtras? Yoga is the foundation of the 12 Steps, which is no surprise because it provides recovering addicts many tools to help them maintain their sobriety, reintegrate Self, and help prevent relapse.


We offer a variety of classes and private instruction including Yoga Therapy, Yoga For 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR), Yoga for Addiction, and many more classes to help your clients in their journey to recovery. Y12SR meetings are a unique yoga class that offers both an open share time followed by a group yoga practice.  Like the 12-Step Programs Y12SR is free to attend and operates by donations.

Other Providers

Don't see something that meets the needs of your clients? We are happy to create a custom program to suite your needs! Just reach out to us for a free consultation.


As you know, pregnancy can be a difficult time for your clients, especially when it comes to physical movement, mental/emotional states, and the constantly changing needs of their bodies. We have Certified Prenatal and Post-Natal Yoga instructors that understand how to  safely work with your clients during the different stages of their pregnancy. We also offer Post-Natal Mom & Baby classes to help your clients bond with their newborns while helping them to recover from labor and delivery.

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