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Connect with a personal mentor to work on your personal asana practice, improve your teaching skills, and/or deepen your spiritual  practice.

Yoga Instructor
Personal Practice Mentorship

Get one-on-one instruction and guidance to deepen your personal practice and your understanding of yoga.

Yoga Mates
Improve Your Teaching Skills

Deepen your teaching skills, your understanding of yoga, and improve your skills working with students either in small group or one-on-one.

Connect with a Spiritual Teacher

Get personalized spiritual teachings that meet you where you are and are designed to guide you to the next step in your journey.

Mentorship For Yoga Teachers

Personalized guidance and support from a highly experienced teacher

These small group sessions of 3 or less students are designed to support your work as a teacher.


Each session will be unique and catered to meet the needs of each individual and the small group.


Topics and structure may include:

  • Interactive Q&A’s

  • Lectures and discussions on specific topics such as anatomy, yoga philosophy, asana alignment, and career management

  • Sequencing strategy and exercises

  • Demonstration and practice working with live students and giving hands-on adjustments to students

Spiritual Teacher


Kevala is a spiritual teacher who bases her teachings on her own personal experiences of overcoming trauma, awakening experiences, and Self realization.

Connect With A Spiritual Teacher

Are you looking to deepen your experiences or take the next step? Do you feel stuck or have experiences of "I got it, I lost it?" Does trauma or fear keep you from moving forward? Have you been looking for guidance but don't know where to find it?


Anyone can be a teacher, and teachers and teachings are a dime-a-dozen these days. The issue is a teacher is limited by their own experiences, or lack thereof. The only way to guide someone is to have been there yourself.

Kevala has been there from overcoming extensive trauma, to awakening and kundalini experiences, to seeing through the illusion of identity and separation.

Join Kevala for small group or one-on-one spiritual guidance on your journey to awakening.

Kevala's teachings are free of any tradition or religion, and all are welcome regardless of background.

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