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The Yoga Trapeze®


60 Minutes

Skill Level:

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About the Course

The Yoga Trapeze® is a unique and fun offering that allows greater free-range movement and access to poses that may not be accessible to you on a yoga mat. It is a fun combination of yoga, pilates, dance and aerial yoga.

The Yoga Trapeze® also offers the opportunity for beginners to experience inversions in a safe way that does not require strength or flexibility.

"Flying" on the Trapeze offers the ability to assume extremely deep backbends in a passive way, allowing you to safely hold poses for long periods of time. This allows for spinal traction and decompression which increased space between the lower vertebrae and can help relieve back pain and sciatica. This is similar to inversion therapy using tables and chairs. ​ A Yoga Trapeze practice can include pushing, pulling, holding, hip opening, twists, backbends, forward bends, an more.

Kids (and adults) have so much fun hanging upside down like Spider-man and "flying" through the air in poses like Superman.

Like other yoga classes that link breath and movement, a practice on the Yoga Trapeze® will boost your mood and help you feel more energetic.

Yoga students can work their backs and shoulders, calm their nerves, and leave class floating on air!

This class is for beginners and advanced practitioners alike!

This is a Premium Class and a Premium Membership or Yoga Trapeze Class Pass must be purchased.

Your Instructor

Christina Leach

Christina Leach

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