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All of our Group Classes and Private Sessions are led by a trained Trauma-Informed Instructor Trauma is anything that causes disruption of the nervous system. EVERYBODY has trauma. ​ Stress, Illness, Accidents, Disasters, Death of Friends/Family, Abuse, Addictions, Combat and Social Injustice are just a few causes of trauma.

We carry the trauma of the past with us everyday, whether we know it or not, until we learn how to release it from our body. ​ Trauma-Informed Yoga provides a safe container to explore our physiology and emotions. Until we learn to connect with our body, we can never fully heal our hurts from the past. Through yoga we can reconnect with the sensations and emotions stored in our body and learn to understand how they are connected to our thoughts and personal psychology. ​ By learning how to self-regulate the body, we can bring it back to wellness and balance.

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All Instructors