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Yoga For Seniors


60 Minutes

Skill Level:

Beginner to Intermediate

About the Course

Welcome to our Yoga for Seniors class, a gentle and inclusive practice that honors the wisdom and unique needs of older adults. This class is specifically designed to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of seniors, providing a safe and nurturing space to move, breathe, and relax.

As you enter the yoga studio, you'll find a welcoming and accessible environment that has been thoughtfully prepared for your comfort. Our experienced instructor understands the specific considerations of seniors and will guide you through a practice that focuses on gentle movements, balance, flexibility, and relaxation.

The class begins with a warm-up to gently awaken the body and prepare it for the practice ahead. Through mindful breathing techniques, you will learn to deepen your breath, promote relaxation, and enhance your overall sense of well-being.

The yoga poses in this class are specifically chosen to address the needs of seniors, promoting strength, flexibility, and balance. You will be guided through gentle stretches, seated and standing poses, and supported movements that help improve joint mobility, enhance posture, and increase overall vitality.

Throughout the class, modifications and adaptations will be offered to accommodate individual abilities and limitations. The instructor will provide options for chairs, bolsters, or props to ensure that every participant feels safe, supported, and comfortable in their practice.

Yoga for Seniors also places a strong emphasis on relaxation and stress reduction. You will have the opportunity to explore gentle restorative poses and guided relaxation techniques that promote a sense of calm, improve sleep quality, and reduce tension in both the body and mind.

Beyond the physical benefits, this class also offers a space for emotional well-being and connection. You will have the opportunity to cultivate mindfulness, self-compassion, and gratitude through guided meditations and reflection exercises.

Our Yoga for Seniors class is a place of community and support, where you can connect with others who share similar experiences and challenges. It provides an opportunity to foster social connections, combat feelings of isolation, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, our Yoga for Seniors class offers a gentle and nurturing environment to support your well-being and enhance your quality of life. It is a practice that celebrates the wisdom, vitality, and resilience that come with age.

Join us in this enriching and inclusive Yoga for Seniors class, where movement, breath, relaxation, and connection combine to promote your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class.

Your Instructor

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